Learning about stormwater and its effects on our rivers, streams, and lakes is the first step to minimizing the pollutants we drink and swim in.

Whether it’s becoming an expert of stormwater terminology or helping your children understand the impact of stormwater at a young age, education is the first line of defense in keeping the lake clean!

Problems & Solutions

Here are a few of the biggest problems, and easy solutions to help avoid polluting Lake Champlain:

Gutter Runoff

(Watch where they empty!)

Fertilizers and their impact on the Lake

(Don’t use them!)

Auto Maintenance

(Keep it clean!)

Pet Waste

(Always pick it up!)

For Kids

We’ve included science experiments that are easy and simple to do with your children. Highlight the impact of stormwater runoff and how it can affect the lake.

Kindergarten-Grade 3

What is a Watershed?
Create a Water Cycle

Grade 4th-Grade 6

Get the Dirt Out
Too Many Nutrients


Head on over to Stormville, our interactive learning adventure, to see all the things around your house that affect stormwater runoff.

Other Links

Glossary: What is a watershed? What is an outfall? Learn the terms associated with stormwater runoff and you’ll be the most interesting person in your neighborhood!

The UVM Watershed Alliance supports state-wide watershed education and water quality monitoring in Vermont middle schools, secondary schools, alternative education programs, and youth groups.