The Stream Team holds a variety of events throughout the year.

Contact with ideas or to learn more, and don’t forget to check our Events sections, Facebook page, and newsletter for updates on upcoming art projects.


The Stream Team offers various workshops to provide knowledge, skills, resources and tools that educate and engage the community in ways to reduce our collective stormwater footprint. Examples of regularly offered workshops include rain barrel building, stormwater-friendly lawn care, rain garden installation, and river planting workshops. Check out our Get Involved section for more information and our Events section, Facebook page, or newsletter to stay on top of upcoming workshop opportunities.

Art Projects

Art is a powerful tool for raising environmental awareness. The Stream Team utilizes this approach to educate and engage the community about water quality concerns and the ways to reduce our stormwater footprint. Examples of projects we regularly engage in include storm drain mural and stenciling projects and rain barrel painting events. We are always looking for more art projects ideas and groups interested in weaving art with environmental advocacy.

Clean-up Efforts

Keeping our streams clean is an integral part of protecting water quality, and Chittenden County’s streams often need a helping hand. The Stream Team regularly hosts stream clean ups around the county, and sometimes holds rain garden cleanups to keep our public rain gardens in tip-top shape. Contact if you would like Stream Team to host a cleanup for your group, and check our Events section, Facebook page, and newsletter to see upcoming cleanups in your area.


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