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9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Shelburne Department of Public Works
5420 Shelburne Rd


Calling all artists: This summer, use your creativity to spread the word about storm water and help keep Lake Champlain clean. Rethink Runoff is currently accepting designs for a storm drain mural campaign that will take place in Shelburne on Thursday, September 26th. 

Click here to submit your design idea.

The purpose of this mural project is to raise public awareness about storm water runoff. Did you know that most storm drains flow directly to streams and lakes without any treatment? When it rains, trash and pollutants on our streets are carried to drains that lead directly into nearby streams and ultimately to Lake Champlain. It is important for everyone to pitch in by properly disposing of trash, oils, paints and other household waste. 

Of the designs received, two artists will be selected to paint their murals on sidewalks adjacent to storm drains. Each artist will receive a $250 stipend upon successful completion of their mural.  In order to be selected the following conditions must be met:

  • Artist must be available to paint their mural on Thursday, September 26th with a rain date of Friday, September 27th
  • Artwork must contain a storm water awareness message.  Examples include: “Drains to Champlain” “Don’t dump down the drain” or your own, unique message.
  • Artists will be responsible for purchasing all paints, brushes, and supplies needed to paint their mural. Artists will receive materials requirements from Rethink Runoff to ensure the correct type of paint and supplies are used.
  • Artists who live in Chittenden County, and especially in Milton are strongly encouraged to apply, but anyone is welcome to submit a design for consideration

The selection committee will utilize the following points system to choose final four designs:

  1. Mural concept clearly conveys and communicates the importance of keeping waterways clean and/or not dumping materials down drains – 5 pts
  2. Mural concept contains a catchy, environmental message – 5 pts
  3. Mural can easily be painted on the sidewalk adjacent to the drain – 5 pts
  4. Artist has a strategy for community involvement in their mural – 5 pts

Applications are due by midnight on September 9th, 2019. Contact info@rethinkrunoff.org with questions.


No cost to apply