The Stream Team is the community engagement arm of Rethink Runoff, offering volunteer opportunities, educational workshops, and engaging events in the towns it serves. Check out our upcoming events, Facebook page, or newsletter to stay on top of upcoming events or contact us  with questions, ideas, or to learn more!

Upcoming Events

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What type of events do we hold?


The Stream Team offers various workshops providing knowledge, skills, resources and tools that educate and engage the community in ways to reduce our collective stormwater footprint.  Examples of regularly offered workshops include rain barrel building, stormwater-friendly lawn care, rain garden installation, and river planting workshops.

Art projects

Art is a powerful tool for raising environmental awareness. The Stream Team utilizes this approach to educate and engage the community about water quality concerns and how to reduce our stormwater footprint. Examples of projects we regularly engage in include storm drain mural and stenciling projects, and rain barrel painting events. We are always looking for more art projects ideas and groups interested in weaving art with environmental advocacy.

Clean-up Efforts

Keeping our streams clean is an integral part of protecting water quality, and Chittenden County’s streams often need a helping hand. The Stream Team regularly hosts stream clean ups around the county, and sometimes holds rain garden cleanups to keep our public rain gardens in tip-top shape.


The Stream Team takes the lead in educating Chittenden County’s residents about the impact stormwater runoff can have on waterways. Whether talking with the community at a local farmer’s market, teaching middle-schoolers in the classroom, or providing technical guidance and advice at workshops and events, the Stream Team capitalizes on every opportunity to elevate knowledge of protecting and restoring local water quality.

History & Funding

The Stream Team first began in the spring of 2010 as a pilot project to determine the feasibility of establishing such a regional effort. Funding for the pilot project was provided through grants from:

Vermont Agency of Natural Resources’s
Watershed Grant Program


Lake Champlain Basin Program’s Education and Outreach Grant Program

Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission
$10,700 in matching contributions

The Stream Team is the outreach arm of Rethink Runoff, managed by the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission and run by the Winooski Natural Resources Conservation District.

Special focus is placed on impaired streams in the eight municipalities that are subject to the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS-4) permit under Phase 2 of the Federal Clean Water Act. The impaired streams are Allen Brook, Bartlett Brook, Centennial Brook, Englesby Brook, Indian Brook, Morehouse Brook, Munroe Brook, Potash Brook and Wheeler Nature Park.

For an overview of all the impaired streams and rivers in your area, check our interactive map.