How you can help keep Lake Champlain clean:

Pick up Pet Waste

Pet waste can be a major source of bacteria and excess nutrients in local waters.

Pet waste is not only harmful to water quality but it can also transmit diseases and parasites to humans and pets. These include Campylobacteriosis (bacteria infection), Cryptosporidium (protozoan parasite), roundworms, hookworms, E.coli bacteria, Giardia, Brucellosis, Leptospirosis.

How does pet waste affect Lake Champlain’s water quality?

When pet waste is washed into our streams, rivers and lakes, it breaks down and releases nutrients into the water. Lack of oxygen and excess nutrients can kill fish and cause toxic algae growth. Pet waste also contains Escherichia coli (E.coli), which is a harmful bacteria and often leads to beach closures in warmer months.

How do I safely pick up and dispose of pet waste?

The best practice for disposing of pet waste to keep our waterways clean and safe is to use a pet waste bag. Pet waste bags can be purchased at a pet supply store. Often you can get free pet waste bags at your local town offices or at popular dog recreation areas’ pet waste stations. Once you have used a bag, dispose of it and its contents in a trash receptacle, which keeps the waste out of our waterways.

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