Stream Monitoring

Muddy Brook

Muddy Brook runs along Williston’s western border forming the boundary to South Burlington. This 20.8-square mile watershed includes the Sucker Brook and occupies approximately 6,300 acres in Williston. The Muddy Brook watershed includes the large box stores in Taft Corners and Maple Tree Place. Muddy Brook appears on the Vermont 303(d) List of Waters as impaired for toxins, nutrients, and temperature. The town has just begun efforts to identify specific problem areas in the watershed, such as the head-cut that is making its way to Harvest Lane.

Currently, the Stream Team is monitoring three sites along Muddy Brook (one in Williston and two in South Burlington) with the help of volunteers. Water samples are being taken twice monthly throughout the summer and are tested for phosphorous, nitrogen, chloride, and turbidity.


South Burlington

Watershed Area

6,300 acres

Watershed Land Breakdown
  • 71% developed land
  • 4% open land
  • 25% forest

Stream Data



All of the data collected by Chittenden County Stream Team volunteers is shared with the State of Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (VT DEC). The DEC shares all state-wide data with the Environmental Protection Agency.
State-wide Vermont water quality data can be found on the Agency of Natural Resources website.
National water quality data can be found here: