How can I get involved?

Clean-Up A Stream

You can do your part to keep our rivers healthy by helping out during a scheduled river cleanup.

According to American Rivers, “millions of tons of trash end up in our nation’s rivers and streams every year from litter on the ground and illegal dump sites.” This trash poses serious health risks to humans and wildlife. It’s also an eyesore to anyone hoping to enjoy the scenic beauty of Vermont’s landscape.

The Stream Team hosts river cleanups as a way of ensuring that our rivers and streams stay healthy and clean. In the spring, summer, or fall, the Stream Team chooses priority areas throughout Chittenden County and utilizes volunteers to pick up trash and other debris. Most people are amazed at how much trash is collected. At our cleanup of Sunderland Brook in 2011, volunteers pulled out over 1.16 tons of trash.

If you are interested in hearing about volunteer opportunities to clean streams, be sure to sign up for volunteer updates by emailing [email protected].

You can also frequent our home page or Facebook page for announcements.