How you can help keep Lake Champlain clean:

Practice Eco-friendly Car Care

Washing your car on pavement will send detergents directly into storm drains.

Use a commercial car wash or wash your car on your lawn.

Tips for washing your car

  • Avoid hosing down your garage floor and driveway; instead, sweep regularly.
  • Use non-toxic cleaning products. A water and baking soda mixture works great on removing corrosion from battery terminals and cleaning chrome; mix the soda with a mild, biodegradable dishwashing soap to clean wheels and tires.
  • Use a mixture of white vinegar or lemon juice with water to clean your car windows.
  • Be sure to repair any fluid leaks in your vehicle and dispose of used auto fluids and batteries at designated drop-off or recycling locations.
  • If you have to wash your car at home, wash it on the lawn, where the grass can absorb the water.
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